Bonneville Transit Center

Bonneville Transit Center

GrnVision Project Experience: RTC LEED ceremonyGRN Vision principal and 2013 USGBC Nevada president Dave Ray at the LEED Gold certification ceremony for the Bonneville Transit Center, with the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC).

Here is an excerpt from Dave’s speech:

The Bonneville Transit Center is helping raise the bar everywhere for what we should expect from our built environment. Because of partnerships with the City and the community, this project will promote sustainability and be an example for how buildings should be built in Las Vegas, in Nevada, in the United States and throughout the World. With a savings predicted to be close to $30,000 a year, the energy efficiencies will pay for themselves within 6 years and eventually become a revenue stream helping to keep costs down for the community. Yes everyone, the dollars make sense.

“So we applaud you, Chairman Brown, Councilwoman March, Mayor Goodman, Tina Quigley and the entire RTC team that worked on this project – for helping raise the bar for what we should expect from our built environment. By incorporating green building practices into buildings like this, we will start realizing a stream of environmental, economic, community, and worker productivity benefits for decades to come.

“This is how market transformation occurs. On behalf of the U.S. Green Building Council, I am proud to present you with the LEED Platinum plaque. May you use this plaque to educate, innovate and showcase this great project for entire community. Thank you.”

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