Sustainability Inventories & Programs

Sustainability Inventories

GRN Vision specializes in performing sustainability inventories. This is an audit of all departments reviewing practices and future opportunities, then comparing best practices within the industry or niche. The purpose is to find the ways in which a company is already performing at a high level of sustainability, and the areas in which it could improve. This can range from food waste to energy efficiencies.

Sustainability Programs

If obtaining a Green Building Certification is not the goal of your organization or project, GRN Vision also offers programming to help your team reach the level of desired sustainability. Examples of this work include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying cost effective measure
  • Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) or Basis of Design (BOD) specific to the project
  • Sustainability Specifications for Architecture documents to meet OPR
  • Updating Building Systems and implementing innovative sustainable technology
  • Updating operations and maintenance manuals and staff training procedures

Coming up with a sustainability plan is unique to each individual project. GRN Vision puts time and effort into understanding the goals and needs of your team and is happy to collaborate at any point in time.