GRN Vision

Northwest Career College

Northwest Career College is a privately-owned para-professional training facility. It is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and is approximately 19,500 square feet. In early 2019 Northwest began their “Go Green” sustainability initiative and in June 2020, the facility was awarded Three Green Globes certification.


As soon as GRN Vision began its partnership with Northwest, it was evident that this was not just a school, it was a family and home to many. Sustainability efforts can be seen before the students even enter the building; the school runs a shuttle to the “park n ride” to encourage public transportation use. While inside the building, the students and staff enjoy quality views from many of the classrooms and offices.

GRN Vision and Northwest collaborated during the Green Globes online questionnaire and found many opportunities to reduce landfill waste and promote resource conservation. When students arrive on campus for the first time, they receive a metal reusable water bottle with an educational note about conserving water. You cannot walk too far without spotting a dual trash/recycle receptacle that building occupants are highly encouraged to use. In addition, over 90% of the text used is electronic to reduce the use of paper.


Kayla Nix, Operations Manager at Northwest stated that, “We are committed to create a ‘green’ campus in efforts to support our Las Vegas community.” The transformations that Northwest implemented during the Green Globes certification process are reducing environmental impact and providing students with a healthy campus. Excellent work Northwest Career College for committing to a sustainability initiative and making substantial changes to your campus while earning Green Globes certification. Your staff and students thank you.