GRN Vision

Flamingo Pines

The Nevada HAND Flamingo Pines senior housing project in Las Vegas consists of three, four story buildings with 175 residential one-and two-bedroom units. The combined living and recreation area is approximately 198,000 square feet. Flamingo Pines is on track to achieve LEED Gold BD+C certification in the Fall of 2021.


GRN Vision assisted Nevada HAND as their sustainability partner in creating a healthy, safe and comfortable building for its residents through the LEED certification process.

For senior citizens, having easily accessible public transportation is a top priority and adds to their quality of life. Flamingo Pines is centrally located in the Las Vegas area and public transportation conveniently offers over 200 transit trips per day in this area. Along with valuing the health of its residents, Nevada HAND and GRN Vision searched for opportunities to protect the planet as well. Water efficiency is always important, but especially in the desert. Flamingo Pines is on track to have a 61% indoor water use reduction as well as a 72% reduction for outdoor water. Nevada HAND offers a green building education program and tours at their Flamingo Pines location to teach current and future residents about what went into making a healthy and sustainable building.


GRN Vision believes that everyone has a right to live, work and play in a healthy building. For Nevada HAND, a green building is one very important piece of their overall mission, “Having a stable, affordable home is critical to nearly every aspect of an individual’s life, the overall health of a community, and economic opportunity.”-Nevada HAND. Thank you, Nevada HAND, for continuing to build LEED Certified affordable housing that is needed in the Las Vegas community.