GRN Vision

Findlay Chevrolet

Findlay Chevrolet is a 235,000 square foot car dealership that is located in the southwest part of Las Vegas, Nevada. It offers retail and fleet sales, as well as a full-service department. In July 2018, Findlay Chevrolet was the first dealership in Las Vegas to receive the distinction of LEED Existing Buildings: O+M Silver certification.


As Findlay’s sustainability partner, GRN Vision was able to guide, advise and make recommendations during the LEED certification process. Considering the location, water efficiency was a priority for Findlay, and they performed exemplary in this category. By implementing water saving plumbing fixtures Findlay was able to save 36% of indoor water below baseline. When it came to outdoor water savings, native desert plants were chosen that use little to no water for their landscape.

GRN Vision was able to assist Findlay with developing their sustainable plans, policies, and procedures. This included putting into effect an integrated pest management plan as well as using organic fertilizers 80% of the time. In addition, 100% of the on-site landscape waste is now composted. A Green Cleaning policy was also implemented, signifying the use of healthy cleaning materials and chemicals at least 80% of the time.


Keeping employees and visitors healthy and happy is of utmost importance for Findlay. When buildings are LEED certified it shows that they care about their people, the planet, and the profit of their organization. Even after Findlay received their LEED Silver certification, they continued to make improvements by retrofitting the entire service department’s lighting system. Congratulations to Findlay for reducing their waste, water, and energy expenses during the LEED certification process and beyond.