GRN Vision

A Sustainability Partnership: GRN Vision & MultiGreen Properties

MultiGreen Properties was founded with the end goal of building the best for an entry-level resident. The mission of MultiGreen Properties is to solely focus on building attainable, sustainable, and tech-enabled multifamily housing throughout the United States. Being an owner/operator, upfront expenses are weighed against 5 and 10 year operation expenses.

GRN Vision and MultiGreen Properties have been collaborating on a Sustainability Partnership since 2017, even prior to the formation of MultiGreen Properties. Randy Norton, Chairman of the Board at MultiGreen Properties, understands that sustainability matters because, as Dave Ray says: “It’s a journey, to improve… [and], it matters because we are living in a world with finite resources. We need to take a step back and start doing things differently.”

MultiGreen Properties has committed to building over 40,000 multifamily units by 2030, and do so sustainably. GRN Vision has been tasked to collaborate with ownership on developing a
Sustainability Playbook. This Playbook lays out the protocols, platforms and processes, and design guidelines necessary, enhancing the implementation, and improving the execution, standardizing the sustainability across all ground-up construction projects.

During the development process, MultiGreen Properties evaluates the construction aspects, but also ensures that the operational protocols and technologies are being designed for future
residents. They review the project at different performance years and are continuously learning from the residents’ experience.

Everyone will enjoy the benefits of reduced operating costs from energy and water efficient fixtures and a technology-enhanced controlled environment. Each Occupant will take joy in knowing that their indoor environmental quality is enhanced by air filtration, water purification, and dynamic circadian lighting by adhering to WELL standards.

When MultiGreen Properties is planning their next multifamily development, they always circle back to:

“How can we champion social impact by design?”

MultiGreen Properties is setting the bar high for the industry. Imagine: building attainable green living that connects neighbors and impacts investors. MultiGreen Properties is impacting the industry and sustainability by tech-enablement in design. GRN Vision values the sustainability partnership with MultiGreen Properties and continues to, “Have a plan, follow the plan, allow for flexibility. Review the plan, stay true to the mission and keep going.” – Dave Ray, Principal, GRN Vision.